Thursday, November 4, 2010

Levi's Photo Lessons: Close-ups

This lesson we began by finding the macro button and seeing the difference it can make...

After that I turned him lose with his checklist.  I knew this was going to be a tricky skill for him because you have to hold fairly still when taking close-ups.  But he tried and tried again, and took lots of shots, and got better as he went.

He also did some new things on his own initiative: he went off-list (looking for shots of his own design & interest), and he also tried turning the camera to see how the frame moved (which is why Eve is on an angle below; it was "on-purpose").

I totally recommend this little photography lesson idea to anyone out there, no matter how active their kids may be.  My Levi is fast, hardly ever sits still and he's about as careful with things as most 6 year old boys.

But with his camera he is oh-so-careful, and it's awesome to watch him slow down, to see the ideas rolling around in his head as he tries to decide on a shot. 
 Totally worth every moment.

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