Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a quiet place

I grew up in a really woodsy, uncrowded place. We couldn't actually see any of our neighbors from our house, even though they were there. So I really enjoyed this weekend, as we drove out of town to stay in my aunt's place on the rivah in Virginia.

(And yes, I spelled that right. If you don't know, then you just don't know, and it can't be properly explained to you!)

We were driving down there, and the sun went down. A little while later I hear this gasp from the back of the van, and then Levi called out, "YOU CAN SEE THE STARS FROM HERE!"
Our home is just too close to D.C. for star-viewing, so our littles were thrilled to get a good view.

We had such a beautiful, quiet, family time. All the kids got to spend some special time with their daddy. We discovered a bald eagle (and once got within 5o feet of him, which was quite a surprise to both me and him). There was pine cone collecting, and "family campfire meetings" each night (Levi named them. Can you tell he's not used to having a fireplace?). There were glorious sunsets, and my hubby chased me around with the camera (he is going to ask why there aren't more of those pictures on here, isn't he?). And my other uncle drove over from his place to see the boys and meet Eve. It was such a great weekend! (And did I mention how marvelous the quiet was? I did? Well, it was marvelous ;-)

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