Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving confession

These are my new favorite cookies. I had some at a birthday party, and begged for the recipe, which turned out to be a family thing, so I'm stuffing my little recipe card somewhere safe (as it's not mine to share).

So? The confession you're wondering about? Well...
They are Pumpkin Cookies. Fluffy, puffy (when you cook them long enough), chocolate chip-stuffed cookies.

And when my six year old, pickier-than-the-cat-we-once-named-Picky-Picky-son scrutinized his cookie doubtfully and asked, "Are these pumpkin cookies?" well, I lied straight to his face.

"Oh, no... Those are Puffy-Chocolate-Chip Cookies."

"Oh!" he declared, and then gobbled his up. I had to keep an eye on him after that, as he was roaming around the other cookies we're taking to Thanksgiving, and occasionally asking if he could have another.

I know that lying is wrong. But I just could not help myself.

I suppose forgiveness is something I'll have to be Thankful about this year...

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