Tuesday, November 23, 2010

paper building blocks

Okay, so we needed to do something especially fun for Micah, so picked a pre-school project that we hadn't done in a long, long time (which ended up being him watch in fascination as Levi and I constructed nearly a dozen of these for him). 

For each block you will need: 2 bags & markers to decorate & a bunch of newspaper.
Wad up the newspaper and stuff one bag.  Decorate the other, any way you like, and then slide it over the stuffed bag.  Voila! 

Our favorite bags are the Sir Punzel tower, the one made to look like our house, and the reversable bag, which has the building fine on one side and on fire on the other, so the firefighters can actually put the fire out!

When we're done with them, we're going to throw them in our fire pit, for a quick burst of warmth!

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