Monday, November 22, 2010

Sir Punzel

    We recently made a stack of building blocks (more on that tomorrow), some of which were decorated with castle replications, including Rapunzel in her tower.  Micah wanted to know why she had a "ladder" hanging off the back of her head, so I told them the old Grimm tale.  So he's been playing and repeating, in a sing-song-y voice:

"Sir Punzel, Sir Punzel, LET down your HAIR, that I may climb, up the stair..."  
(short pause)
"...Mama, Eve doesn't have much hair.  Can you let down yours?"

He's such a riot.  He's got the words mixed up, but his delivery is excellent.  And the afore-mentioned sister does not have enough hair for climbing.

Thank goodness, if she did, I don't think she'd be smiling right now.

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