Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Surprise Socks

My boys are so funny. I have been "sneaking" around, making their knit-gifts for this year. A few weeks ago, I brought them a computer screen full of yarn swatches and told them to pick a color. Gleefully they both picked exactly what I thought they'd go for (anyone care to take a guess which was which?). After that I had them stepping on my measuring tape, and they were grinning happily as they noticed their balls of yarn in my things.

Honestly, I'm sure they both know they're getting socks. But these are special, mama-made, washable wool socks for wearing when we play outside in the snow that we're happily anticipating.

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull of socks as exciting, but the other day I seriously explained to Micah that I needed him to close his eyes and give me his foot so I can make sure his present was coming along right. He snapped those long lashes shut tight, and I tried on his sock. He didn't peep for a second, but asked, smiling big, "Is it a sock?" I answered, "Oh, it's a surprise, you know I can't tell you till Christmas!"

He grinned even bigger, happy to be in on the "secret" as I pulled off the sock and stashed it away before he could get his eyes open. All the while Levi was scanning the counter, trying to covertly peek for his project in the works with this big smile on his face too.

Over socks! Totally worth $3.50 a ball, and the little extra effort of "sneaking" about while I work on them!

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