Tuesday, December 14, 2010

word to the wise

Remember how we did something new, and went to a tree farm and cut our own tree? I'm gonna give you a little tip, which will save you a good bit of guilt. Check it thoroughly, before you cut it down and get it home, to see if there are any nests in the silly thing.

Levi had been telling jokes, so when he announced there was a nest in our tree, I thought he was pulling my leg. I thought wrong. Yup. Nest in our tree, way down at the bottom, where you wouldn't be looking for one. I couldn't believe it. There are no feathers in there though, so I'm hoping it belonged to the kind of bird that nests in our area in the spring and then heads south for the winter...

...anywho... The boys are under solemn instruction to thoroughly inspect our tree next year (because they actually remember that kind of thing). I'm not likely to forget, either.

Lesson learned. Moving on...

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