Thursday, December 16, 2010

for micah...

     Okay.  This first picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  She was just so stinkin' cute I couldn't not include her.

     Moving on!  Micah likes to go to the store with his daddy, so it gave Levi and I the perfect chance to work on Levi's present for his little brother.  I love making gifts, for a great many reasons, and I want to pass that tradition on to my kids. 

     So, needless to say, I was ecstatic to find Levi so thrilled by the idea of making something special for Micah.  He has kept the secret well (so far), and even convinced his brother to stay out of sight while he knew I was putting the finishing (read: grown-up) touches on his present.

    We used a simple piece of linen and your basic crayons (I recommend Crayola) to design a playmat for Micah. 

     To make your own mat:  Have your kid(s) design and color, and when they have everything just how they like, have them back up a bit.  Grown-up job:  Lay a sheet of paper (we used a sheet of drawing paper) on top and use a medium-hot iron to melt the wax.  Be sure to keep the paper between your iron and your drawings, or else you'll ruin your iron!  Use the paper till it gets fairly colored up, and then replace it.  Keep replacing it until you iron over it and the paper stays clean.  Then turn off the iron and go hem the edges of your mat!

     I loved this project because it makes a pretty nice gift that will last for a good long time, and it was easy!  My six year old was having a blast, and kept declaring that "Micah is going to flip out!"

     Eve was just wondering what on earth we were up to now?

     Afterwards we celebrated a job well done with a game of dominoes with Mr. Albert!

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