Friday, January 7, 2011

christmas day...

So on Christmas day I passed the camera over to my hubby and relaxed.  He snapped away, and we got tons of pics for our family photo albums, but I'll just share a few here, and then get back to posting regular stuff!   

Levi could barely contain his excitement as I opened his gift - a Wizard of Oz game (he's reading the original book to me right now, so that's really special to us).  Included in my gift: The priveledge to go first every time we play it!

A complete and total surprise to Mama (though I'm pretty sure just about everyone else was in on it)... a new machine! 

There were so many, many nice things.  And we got to chill out and relax together with people I love and cherish.  It was a wonderful Christmas...  Have a great weekend!

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