Tuesday, January 11, 2011

how to fill a belly and save a bundle...

     As I mentioned in my last post, Eve has started nibbling on "real" food, much to her brothers' delight and entertainment.  When our first started eating baby food, I was dismayed to watch him take the typical beginner bite or two out of that expensive little jar, and then frustrated as we added yet another container to the bin.
     When we had Micah, I thought of that baby food aisle at the store and thought, "How hard can it be?"  A quick trip to google, and I had my answer, courtesy of wholesomebabyfood.com 

     Lets just say that on average you save nearly a quarter per ounce!  Per ounce people, per ounce!  Using stuff you already have (like a blender or food processor and an ice tray).  No preservatives.  No sugar.  No guessing. 
     Cook.  Puree.  Spoon into ice cube tray.  Freeze.  Dump in a bag and store in freezer.  I tend to do mine with other food that we're having (like I just roast an extra sweet potato or two), and it all keeps in the freezer for 1 to 3 months.  Whatever baby doesn't eat can get dumped into your cooking (pumpkin cookies anyone?).
     This time I found out that you can even do your own cereals.  Really.  You toss some brown rice or old fashioned oats in a processor or coffee bean grinder, and voila!  Fluffy powder that you just get a little scoop and dump in a pot with some water for 10 minutes.  You keep your flours in the fridge, so they'll stay fresh.  Easy peasy.
     So, if your family is on a budget (or if you've just seen Wall*E enough times to feel guilty over another empty jar), then give it a try.  So far Eve's had avocado, banana, rice cereal, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes, and she totally approves.

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EmilyRSPS said...

My sister-in-law made baby food when my niece was little! She really liked the cost savings. She also liked the fact that she knew what was in the food. She liked that the baby was eating the same foods that the rest if the family was eating and could get used to the flavors.

Great blog!