Thursday, January 13, 2011

January's Habit

      I've never been much of a resolution kinda gal. They have a way of getting dropped or forgotten, or else they become just too overwhelming and you ditch them. I'm much more of a habit kinda gal (perhaps that's why dear Miss Mason and I get along so well?). So I decided that if I could really and truly create some positive health habits around here, one a month, then by the end of the year (and at the end of each month, actually), I'd be able to point to some real specific stuff and say: YES! Look what we learned!

     Our first new habit? Starting the day right by having fruit for/with breakfast. Daddy took Micah to the grocery store and they loaded the cart with fruits: standard apples, bananas, and grapes for the boys, and some slightly more exciting stuff for those of us feeling a bit more adventurous. And get this: I made a poster, hung it up, and showed it to the boys.  Levi read it out loud, Micah named all the fruits on it. 

     That was it. And just like that, our boys actually come flying out in the morning, asking for their fruit and accepting it just as though they've done that everyday for the duration of their lives. Unbelievable.

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