Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Eve

      Okay, I know I mentioned sock pictures yesterday, but let's face it: my brain is still functioning on baby-rationed sleep. I just remembered that I really wanted to share two of these shots: the one of the presents, and the one of Levi and his sister on their first Christmas Eve together.

     The presents are important because they are the first "real" gifts Levi's ever done at Christmas. He wandered through no less than three stores, declaring that "no, Daddy, Mama wouldn't like that," until he found something he thought was perfect. And the one on the right is the play mat he made for his brother. I watched him all holiday, and since he was running around in shorts and a few new shirts, it was quite obvious to me that he has grown again, in more ways than one.

     And that last picture? Well, who doesn't love three generations of men crowded around the sink to bless their wives by doing Christmas Eve dishes?

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