Monday, January 17, 2011


     Thought I'd share some of my finished projects. I finished the coat back when I was still preggy with Eve, but just put the buttons on the other day (I had wanted to see where they would fit best). I love that coat: it's Elizabeth Zimmermann's Tomten pattern, and it was really fun to do (sorry about the color: it was really early in the morning, but the snow on the porch made quite a glare). The legwarmers I'd made long ago as well, but her legs finally have enough baby chub to keep them on!

      The mittens are Levi's. I made the pattern up and felted them, because he loves to pick up snow, and I wanted to keep his hands warm and dry.

     And what am I working on right now?  Well, Micah loves to walk around the house in one sock.  Just one.  He thinks it's funny (it is).  He would love to walk around in shoes, because he thinks mud is funny too, but we don't wear them in the house (because it most definately is not funny).  I mentioned to him the concept of slippers, and after setting down the firm rule that slippers are not worn outside the home, but he could wear them inside all he wanted, he promptly decided that I was going to make him some.  Of course.

     So we hit up the many, many pages of Ravelry, and he decided on exactly what he needed, and we picked some yarn and that gave him a reason to check the mail every day.

     It came very quickly, just before rest time Friday.  We opened the box, to inspect his yarn, and then Micah started off to bed, but not before he said:  "I wanna watch you knit.  Mama, will you knit when I get up?"

     Well twist my arm, of course I will!  And of course I'll share his slippers when they're done!

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Rebecca said...

I love these! You do such a grate job knitting!