Monday, February 28, 2011

ice cream for Eve

    I've posted about Oliver + S before, back when I made shirts for the boys.  I have been sitting on their Ice Cream Dress pattern since I was still preggy.  Some of our friends had blessed us with some fabric funding for the babe.  She was finally looking big enough, and we need to get ready for all that warmer weather coming, right??? so I got out my pattern and made the smallest size (6-12 months).

     I love, love, love this dress on her.  I followed the directions, and, going a step at a time, going back & forth from my machine and my iron, it took nearly three hours!  Can you believe that?  Even though I didn't bother with the pockets (pockets are just crumb-catchers at that age)!

     I decided that there were a few bits in the order of construction that could be Anna-lyzed, so I cut out fabric for another one, and then let my brain mull it over for a couple of days.  Last night I sat back down, and sewed that dress in one hour and twenty minutes.  I even stopped here and there to catch what was happening on the Amazing Race, get water for someone who should be in bed, and fix a snack (for after sewing). 

     Sweet!  Elizabeth Zimmermann would be proud as I changed her little slogan and decided to be the boss of my own sewing!  I once had a math teacher inform me that she believed my brain seemed to work backwards somehow, and you bet I was thinking of her today as I worked that dress according to Anna-logic! 
     I feel like I should have a sewing/knitting bee.  Everybody could peer into the quirks of everyone else's styles.  Now doesn't that sound post-worthy?

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