Thursday, February 3, 2011

never bored...

     It is certainly never dull around here.  I never hear that dreaded phrase "I'm bored."  I think I can count on one hand the number of times someone has asked, "What can I do?" 

     Instead I hear things like, "Can you read some more from The Hobbit?"  "I'm going to make a viking ship."  or "See my cool train?"  or even "Can we do some more school?"

     I did hear a new one though: "Hmn.  I'm going to make a game, okay?"
     Well, sure.  Go ahead.
     And he did.  A real, playable game.  With clear-cut rules (not the in-your-head-change-them-to-suit-yourself kind), a start, a finish, a lose-a-turn spot, and a shortcut.  The whole thing was built out of Legos.  And when he needed a die?  I suggested he wait till Daddy came home, to ask where the extras are, and he says, "Nah.  I'll just make one."  Which he did.

     Here's a shot of that die rolling out of Micah's little hand.  And they sat there and played that game for the longest time.  Took turns going first.  Had a total blast.  I think the construction and game time must have covered nearly two hours, which gave me time to do dinner and laundry and dishes. 
     I know.  Totally unreal, right?  Have I mentioned lately that I love, love, love homeschooling?

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