Wednesday, February 16, 2011


     I am becoming a knitting fruitcake.

     I have a knit-list. "Pattern-junky" would be an applicable term. I am so happy as I watch stitches pile up, and I really light up when a little boy grins at my needles and informs anyone around (even if it's just me) that said stitches are for him. I like big projects because I have the satisfaction of working on them for longer.  I have done lots of little things lately, because they were easier to fit in/around the baby.  But right about now, I'm looking for something a little heftier.

   Fruit.     Cake.

   Wait, wait... I can't really be that bad?  Can I?  Let's go to the evidence.  This last year we have:

     Hmmn.  Now, of course you're entitled to your opinion, but now that I'm looking at it, I don't think it's that bad at all!  We've got hats, baby things, and sweaters.  All important things.  And all received with big grins and worn plenty (well, the baby didn't exactly grin, but I sure did.  And there was one photo in there that hasn't been given yet).  

     There was that whole nesting thing, right?  You could go so far as to say I'm being Biblical.  Look in Proverbs 31 - it's right there, I'm clothing my family.  You see?!  I am perfectly sane!  Oh, and there are plenty women out there who knit two and three times as much as I do (yes there ARE; don't look at me like that.  I have proof, ask me some time).

     I have to go.  There are slippers to be worked on, er... I mean dishes to wash...   

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