Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Looking Back...

      Here was my baby at 6 months. If you want to look back, you can compare her to her brothers at that age.

      But as of today, she is a great, big 7 month old!  Ready for great, big 7 month old adventures.  She is sweet, and feminine, happy.  She still wakes up more than neccessary at night, but she is easily soothed.  And she love, love, loves to be outdoors.  I suppose that if you name your child Eve, that is to be expected.

     On a completely different note, you have to hear what Levi said yesterday.  He's totally immersed in his history lessons, and the dozens of books we've checked out on castles and kings and knights and on and on and on.  That said, this is what he said while munching on grapes for snack:

     "See, if you squish grapes, you get grape juice.  If you squish grapes, and leave them to ferment, you get wine."

He's six.

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