Wednesday, February 23, 2011

this moment

"So let's not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good." ~Galatians 6:9

     I have a little challenge for you today, but first I have a little confession of my own.
     The more round I became during my pregnancy with Eve, the harder it became to crawl down into that bottom bunk, and the less I went back to the boys room for a bedtime story.  By that point they had gotten so good at going off to bed, that I just let it slide.  Plus it's so nice to just plop down, fatigued, at the end of the day, you know?
     And then, a short while ago, it hit me, horribly hard one night as I was peeking in at my sleeping babes:  Anna, you only get so many bedtimes.
     Now I have a little sign that says exactly that, and I've been making my bedtime reading and prayers and snuggles a priority.  And I'm really enjoying myself.
     So here's my challenge for you.  There's something good you've gotten fatigued with, something you've let slip.  It could be making sure those little teeth are scrubbed, or getting someone's snack, or helping that little one get back down out of wherever they've gotten stuck, or making the errands you run pleasant time together with your kids, or something totally un-parenting related altogether. 
     Find that thing and choose to enjoy it.  And then find another thing and enjoy that.
     After all, you only get so many bedtimes.