Tuesday, March 29, 2011


     Being the brilliant woman I am, I planned not to share this post until I had given my brother his birthday hat.  I wrapped it, carried it down to Disney World, and gave it to him as an early present (today's his real birthday).  Brilliant me watched him open it and try it on, and was thrilled that it fit and that he actually liked it.  Brilliant me did all that and didn't think to take his picture which was sort-of the point with handing it to him, as opposed to putting it in the mail.

     So.  No picture of brother in the hat. 

     The awesome & free chart is from SewGeeky on Ravelry.com.  SewGeeky designed it for a baby sweater, and a few people had tried to put it on a hat.  I decided I wanted mine at a smaller guage, so the Mystery Science Theater guys could all sit on the same side of the hat.  That kind of thing is important to me, and I thought it would increase my chances of my brother actually wearing said hat.
       My notes are on Ravelry, in case you want one too...
      Happy birthday Kevin!  You really are brilliant, and I love you so much.