Thursday, March 3, 2011


1.  So far, the babe: has been into the dog food bowl, stood up solo for 2 seconds (twice), and enjoys racing me to electrical cords.  She only has 2 teeth, but that is 2 too many for an electrical cord, judging by her performance on that apple she was shaving the other day.

2.  Apparently something "wonky" is refusing to let the comments show on this blog.  Levi likes to use that word.  Bet you can't figure where he learned it.

3.  I was deceived about not needing the metal needles after row 8.  Apparently they will be needed here and there, throughout the project.  This of course, was my own wishful thinking, as 3.25mm was sprinkled throughout the pattern in plain English, for all to see.

4.  The dog's water bowl has vanished.  Into thin air.  It has been 24 hours.  My husband (I want to call him the Gaffer, like Samwise Gamgee's dad, but he's not so sure about that.  Tell him it's cool) thinks that I have hidden it, to drive him crazy.  My theory is that the local mouse community thought it would make a perfect pool, and they got together and hauled it out of here while we were out of the house.
5.  I'm pretty annoyed by that comment thing not working.  Anybody know their way around Blogger well enough to fix it?  If you do, leave a comment... oh, ha, ha, ha...


amy@flexibledreams said...

Trying out the comments one more time to see if they're magically fixed.

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