Monday, March 14, 2011

we're back!

     We're back!  And worn out slap-silly!  The kids were amazing, the parks were wonderful, and our hotel was nice, clean, and beautiful.  We are all still recovering, and I'm trying to decide which handful of pictures to share on here! 

     Eve was clingy, but the boys were thrilled by that, as the baby has not quite grasped the pecking order around here yet.  Mama is often the top banana, unless we wander into Nana-Pappy-Kevin territory, at which time I go slamming to the bottom rung.  Eve doesn't quite get this, so the boys had Nana, Pappy and Uncle Kevin to themselves - which was pure bliss to them.

     Of course, every once in a while a little hand would slip into Mama's, or a little squeeze would find its way to me, or a sweet little, "I love you Mama, even at Disney World," would get whispered in my ear.

     I'll take it.

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