Tuesday, March 15, 2011

who we met...

      We also met some really sweet Japanese girls stationed in Epcot's Japan.  They were asking kids their names and writing them out in Japanese, which was really cool.  One of them wrote out Micah's name, but he didn't answer with a thank you, instead he announced:
      "That's not how you spell Micah."
      "Yes, yes," she answered, "That is it in Japanese."
      "No, no, no.  Here, I'll show you..."
     I kid you not.  He reached over and snatched that huge purple Sharpie up out of her hand, bit down on his lip and proceeded to write out that big M.  And then he eye-balled her to make sure she was watching.  And then he repeated that for each letter in his name, because apparently this poor, grown-up woman had had no one to teach her her letters yet. 
     And three or not, he was gonna be the one to do it.

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