Thursday, March 12, 2009

G for George

Daddy snuck a shot of story time. I've been pulling out Curious George books from my hidden library stash all week. George is great, isn't he?!

We practiced our campfire safety this morning (not pictured, as I was busy monitoring the safety-ness). It was really, really, really fun. The boys both stayed seated as they were told, and enjoyed roasting a marshmallow for snack time over our little tin-can-fire-pit. After we put out the fire they got up and ran their sillies out...

Then I surprised them with another book, Curious George Goes Camping, and that was a real hit. L wanted to read through it twice (he is just getting to where he can sit through a book two times!) and found the fires interesting. Like how the people sat around the fire, and how they can be fun, but we must be careful. Course he also likes it when the skunk gets George. Poor George, he really does get himself into situations!

On a monetary note, some of you may have noticed some ads in the left hand column. I started an AdSense account. Anytime you click on the ad link my account will be credited a small amount (whether you buy anything or not), and I get a little check once a month. The ads should be filtered in comparison for content, so while you might see some for solar power or crafts or homeschool supplies or feeding the poor, you shouldn't see any rated R links (Google has policies against that). So if you have a minute (or ten seconds), please check out a link (I'm not allowed to, or they'll shut down my account, and rightly so)!

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