Monday, March 2, 2009

Fossils and Fire

For something so simple, this project was very exciting to L! I buried a couple of dinosaurs in plaster, using a plastic cookie cutter for a mold. We all took turns excavating the fossils (we also had a brush to scrape away the dust). It wasn't as messy as I thought it would be, and L spent a bunch of time really focusing on this project. It was really funny when he found the second tail and realized there were two dino fossils in there! I would like to find a better-for-kids scraper though. Oh, and we also made plaster casts of their feet!

And this has been, without contest, my favorite letter F project! I got the idea from Fun in the Making, a crafty, green blog that has some great activities for kids! We put some real marshmellows on sticks (Fun in the Making used paper ones), and the boys "roasted" them. It was so much fun. We pretended to sleep under the stars, and when we woke up we got some of their cooking stuff (a little pot, a wooden spoon, and empty yogurt cups) and made pretend oatmeal. L got out his map and we went for a grand explore to find some apples (and gave me some good ideas for future maps). It was so much fun!

Sweet dreams to all!

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