Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Chef

So M is turning out to be quite the little chef. He really loves cooking over our little "fire" and yesterday I watched an idea dawn over his face. He got up, took his little pot and spoon, and slunk off to the kitchen, where I could here the scraping of the stepstool being moved to a better location. And then he found a potato, put it in his pot, and went to cooking. He even rapts the spoon on the side of the pot like I do! I snuck a photo, and then kept a careful eye on the light that let's you know when the burners are on.

A couple of fun moments with Daddy...

And here's M in the snow fort the basement boys made for him.

And here's Mr. A (another one) playing catch with L!

And here's a great link for the day - it will totally make you want to paint!
And here's something I wish some of my less comapassionate teachers would have known!

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