Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hide and Help

So, we were supposed to start letter H week off with a Hike, but I am sooooo glad I didn't state that outloud. It's a balmy (ha ha) 48 degrees today. Or at least it will be eventually. So I kept mum and have crossed my fingers that one of our free days this week will be a bit better for a hike with little ones. Instead we did H is for Help! The boys helped me clean all the windows and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They darted back inside to the warmth after we wiped down the outside of the glass doors. We also made Hearts and Houses out of play dough. And here is L being sneaky and Hiding from me. I managed to get the pictures by turning the camera where I thought he'd be, and then turning my head another direction, pretending I couldn't see him. Preschoolers are so silly.

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Grandpa T said...

48 degrees is balming in some areas!!!LOL