Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Small Discovery

First, some fun stuff. Here's the ship L built. Very proud of this ship, he was!
And here's M wearing my shoes. He walked around repeating, "Mama shoos! Waak, waak, waak..." over and over!And here's my small discovery. Yesterday we went to REI for fun. That's a great store to take kids to. The staff are usually very friendly, and the boys loved getting in the store tents and checking the traction of their shoes on the rock pile (it's made for that). But most of all they love going through all the camp gear gadgets (I love it too). Even M put everything back where he found it! I would love to have been there when the staff went to clean up the mess that they'd expect two small boys to leave and found it left better than most adults! They both were drawn to the small greenish camp cups, and being a dollar I let them each have one.

The cups are perfect! Just the right size for small ones, durable, don't spill easily, perfect for snacking from, stackable, and have a little handle! What a great thing for the boys! Silly, I know, but when you've experienced the frustration of tipping kiddie cups, or giant-portion sized kiddie cups, you'll know what I mean!

It's the little things that make life grand! And in case you're wondering, M did not spill that cup of milk!

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