Friday, March 6, 2009

Kings, Pajama Shorts, and Porch Snow

So this morning L wanted to dress-up like a king, and I was to be one of his knights. I donned a sweater with bell sleeves, sword, belt, and pipe-cleaner crown (at his insistence), and he put on the tunic and crown I had made him. Plus his sword and belt. This lasted all of five minutes, and then he wanted to take his sword out in the snow, so we had to put on more contemporary clothing...

...which of course for M (being rather an independant spirit) resulted in his running to my room and getting my pajama shorts! They look mortifyingly-huge on him, which goes to show you that anyone can be made to feel fat, however briefly, and helps me to see how some of those girls that are so much tinier than myself can have such messed-up body images! M succeeded in making me laugh riotously, and I took way too many pictures to share of him!

The boys bundled up rather quickly this morning, which was good, cause I wanted to give L a chance to burn up some energy before he had to go to speech and OT. I think this speed, on L's part, was due to the fact that he observed the snow is melting, and his time playing with it is limited. M got to go out onto the porch first, because he was ready first. Big brother, who was doddling, did not appreciate this. BUT - when it came time to get ready and head out for the morning, the little booger got ready lickedy-split! Hmm - lesson learned? For the day, at least!
Anyway, found a bunch of icicles on the grill, and wanted to show them off...

And M toddled over with that, "Oh, are we taking pictures?" look. He posed solemnly until I had snapped one and shown him the evidence.

Chewie loved this! We don't take him out in the snow with us, because he doesn't last that long (he just ain't built for it)! But we made an exception for the porch, and he was too funny!
M eating an icicle.
With all the snow, and a couple of sick-days thrown in, we haven't gotten to do anything for the letter G! I think I'm just going to do some other homeschool stuff to finish off the week, and then get back to the letters next week! Have a great weekend everyone!

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