Tuesday, February 2, 2010

finished hanky

Okay. So I have a confession. Apparently I am (still) a geek. The last time I got a cold, I went to grab the tissues (okay, so in our house that's usually toilet paper), and, thinking of all the red, raw noses I've had before, I ignored the tissues and grabbed an old hanky. See, I thought I'd experiment on myself.
Why did we give up cloth hankies? It's not hard to throw a cotton square in the wash with your other things, so obviously it's because tissues are so much better, right?
Well, by the end of my cold, my nose wasn't the least bit red or raw, so that couldn't have been it. I have a sneaking suspision that it has something to do with money (how many times can you use a tissue?)... but at any rate, I've started a stash of the old fashioned hankies.
And I finally finished this one, which isn't for me, but it's finished regardless!

I stitched a verse (freehand!) around the edge for someone special, and when I was done with that I doodled the reference into the flowers that the girl's working with.

I think she'll be much loved, where she's going...

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