Wednesday, February 3, 2010

if at first you don't succeed...

Here's another pair of shorties I've started. Forgive the flash photo - the blue's not quite that bright in reality. With my 2nd babe I had dreams of using cloth diapers at least part of the time, to save a little cash. Driven to my sewing machine by the nesting instinct I made a bunch of small-sized all-in-ones (that's where the cloth and the liner/soaker are all one, fitted thing, and they have the shape of a disposable). It was a great plan. I'd have months and months to make the next size up after the baby came.

Yup. It was a great plan. And then the little stinker was born, and proved to be way bigger than the previous kid (ahem, perhaps that experiment to see if exercise - or lack of it - really would effect birth weight wasn't such a great idea)! And by way bigger, I mean too big for every single one of those AIO's I had sewn. I think that would have daunted just about anyone, and add to it the new-baby weariness, and I gave up the whole idea.

So this time around? I'm going to do my supplementing with good, old-fashioned, economical pre-folds and wool soakers & shorties (and maybe, with some exercising, I'll be able to use that stash of AIO's too).
Cross your fingers...

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