Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Days

So, Nana and I took a couple of very excited little boys out to play in the snow. Anthony and Brandon were hard at work, digging us out (thank heaven that Daddy had that plow to get a huge ton of it!).

Can you see the mini-mountain of snow on the other side of my van, where the guys had been shoveling to? Wow! It's even more than we had in December!

In fact, it was so much snow that the best (and really only) place the boys could get around easily was the plowed driveway! And yes, I got hit with that pile of snow :)

Micah was hillarious! He kept trying to throw chunks of snow at me and missing. After a while he just carried it over and started pounding my leg with it.
Whack, giggle, giggle, whack, take a bite of snow, whack, repeat...

Nana's snow angel... It was so deep, she couldn't get out without help (that happened to me in December)!

And here's Levi trying to run in waist-deep snow...


We had so much fun! And to think, as I type this, another blizzard (with all its photo opportunities) is raging outside! Crazy!
Love you Nana, thanks for coming to play and play and play with us :)

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