Wednesday, February 17, 2010

squirrel post

Wow. This was the highlight of my day. We felt sorry for the squirrels (due to their not being used to it any more than the rest of Maryland's inhabitants, they do not hibernate). Their food stash, which is already running low sice it's February, has been buried under a good three feet of snow for a really, really long time.

So we tossed out some chunks of bread. One hungry squirrel was willing to run out into the falling food being pelted out the front door to grab his share.

We watched them for a minute from the window, maybe, when Levi blurted out, "Where's my sketch book? Quick!"
We dashed around to find it, along with his box of colored pencils, and he spent a good, long time sketching those hungry squirrels.

It was so cool.

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