Friday, February 5, 2010


We're supposed to be getting a bunch of snow today, and I actually don't mind. I think it's all about perspective. See, this snowstorm is coming, but I don't have to board up my windows and put every loose piece of everything outside down into the pool (so that it doesn't become a missile), and this snow is not going to rip my roof off.

The snow will be quiet and deep. It will not sound like someone backed eight jet airplanes up to the house and blasted off. And in a few days, the sun will come out and the snow will melt away (cause that's what it does here). It will not push a ten-foot wave ashore and fill houses and pools with sand. It will not rip trees out of the ground and toss traffic lights around like bean-bags.

Actually, D.C. really has some seriously mild weather. Hurricanes? Uh, no. Tornadoes? Maybe two in the last dozen years. Earthquakes? Nope.
See? It's about perspective. Me and the boys will bunker down with our Nana, who's coming for a visit, and we'll go on.

Sure, sure. I hear you. What will she say if she ever moves back to hurricane country? That's easy. Thank God it's not a tsunami.

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