Monday, February 15, 2010

my valentines

We had such a great time getting ready for Valentine's Day. My hubby brought me these for a fun treat...
Me and the boys got the house ready by breaking out the watercolors. We painted I don't know how many hearts, and then the boys got a big kick out of watching me run them through the sewing machine to make garland. Totally not my idea - I've seen it around the internet on several blogs - but totally fun! We had enough to do our living room windows too.

I think he likes them!

And then I was sneaky and made some valentines for my little valentines, without them knowing. I've seen Soulemama make these (or something like them) quite a few times, and thought my boys would like little books of their own.
So the boys woke up Sunday morning to find their little books and a little coffee filter stuffed with a dozen jelly beans and tied with a red thread. A dozen beans each was a huge deal to them, since they usually get one bean when they use good manners or do something especially kind or help me out with something.
And then they found their books.
"Mommy! I love my book! I love it!" as he hugged it and beamed at me.

And then Micah and I made some cinnamon rolls (from scratch) for breakfast.

Yup, it was a great Valentine's Day!

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