Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

So here's a few new Pirate Jacks I am working on for my shop! I drew my own little patterns, and here is the first of four. Jack has permanently attached baggies and a bandana, so if he wants to go for a swim, he'll be prepared. After I get the Jacks done, I'll be making them little pirate clothes with some fabric L helped me find.

And TADA! Daddy finished the kitchen he's been building! It's mostly for M, as he's the cook in our family. Stocked with a very small set of pots & pans from Ikea (less is totally more), some measuring cups and some spoons and forks, the boys had a blast with this thing! They played with it off and on all day! The knobs turn, there's a drawer, a sink, a burner, and an oven.

For now the boys are happy to pretend about everything, but I plan on making some kid-sized oven mitts for them to use. Plastic food drives me nuts - I can't stand how gross it starts to look, the minute it comes out of the box, well, it just rots somehow! So we'll be avoiding that!

The solution, thankfully, is to be found over at Etsy here, here, and here. I can make this stuff myself, and will probably work on some of the pieces here and there, but this kind of stuff is really, really time-consuming. Thankfully, as far as toy food goes, a little goes a long way! And we can always ask for some at Christmas time, right?

Aren't we really, really blessed to have such a talented Daddy who made time to build this despite the crazy camp season!?! Love, love, love you honey!

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