Thursday, June 18, 2009


So we piled up the sleeping bags, the cooler, the tent, and a small tub of camping gear, and went on our first camping trip with the boys. Daddy said we could stay on the grounds at his camp so that he could come and go for some of the fun! We cooked dinner on the fire, and caught a bunch of frogs. Then Daddy went back to work, so we hiked to the playground and played with a bunch of fun-loving counselors! They did a great job of wearing the boys out! Then we hiked back to our camp (we used one of the archery ranges:) and built the fire back up (despite all the wet wood, yay, Mama!). Me and the boys snuggled, and as requested, I told stories from "God's Word Book," as well as our favorite made-up character - Methusalah Mouse, who was hiking up a mountain seeking adventure.
We had a GREAT time camping!

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