Monday, June 1, 2009

Day One : No TV Experiment

So here's some pics of our No TV experiment, Day One. There was some screaming on M's part, and some failed negotiating on L's part, but they got over it rather quickly. The secret to our success was going cold turkey - I simply hid all the DVD's. See? (God forgive me for the lie) There not here - who knows where they are? Maybe they've all gone on vacation?
Anyways, they went out like lights at the normal bedtime. I guess all that extra activity and time spent actually using their brains wore them out.
Don't get me wrong. TV can be a great learning tool! And we control what they're watching by limiting our viewing to DVD's. Just a few too many sick days and after that I felt like all we were doing was watching that silly box. And all the things that they weren't doing, well that's what made me say let's see how we can do without it!

And here's our letter L project for the day - Lions! L's is on the left, and M's is on the right!

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