Monday, June 29, 2009

Green Eggs & Sally Jane

Believe it or not, Mr. Picky Pants (L) was the one to request Green Eggs for breakfast. I dumped in some blended peas for the color, and they gobbled them up. M is not picky, so this was not a surprise on his part.
But it was such a big deal for L, that I got out the camera.
And here is Sally Jane. M calls her Sally, because he's a Cars fan, and L calls her Jane, cause he's a fan of Tarzan. She's my test dolly. I've been doing a bit of work to get her just right for my shop. I'm keeping Sally Jane to test out clothes and see if she's durable or not.
Run away...

And here's L hard at work. He has no intentions of quitting our homeschool work just because it's summer.
And my finished Sally Jane. I will be working on some more for the shop...
By the way, L has decided that Sally Jane is married to Pirate Jack.

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