Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For Sale...

For Sale... So L chopped off bits of cotton yarn, hacking away with a purpose that eluded me until he announced that they were for my shop. "We can put them in the store, to make money, like your dolly."I'm amazed by how much kids just want to be a part of living. Before I had my own I often wondered what really, truly poor children around the world did all day. But since I've turned off the TV, I've recognized how truly amazing just living can be. They find wonder in washing the dishes with me, watering the garden, putting stepping stones by the compost (and running from the swarm of mosquitos those stones disturbed), cooking, pretending to cook, dressing stuffed animals in their clothes and building a bed for them. In the raggedy, totally and completely dead "flower" of a weed collected for me and for Daddy, and the pride when Mama presents Daddy with said flower later, as they watch.

It leaves me thinking of Moses, of that quiet four decades he spent in a foreign land, living as a shepherd and raising his family under the mountain of God. Nobody talks much about that phase of his life, but I have a feeling that Moses cherishes those years and those stories more than his forty years of plague and parting seas and whining Israelites. I think he'll surprise a great many people when they ask him to tell them about the glory days and Moses launches into an epic tale of how one of his boys drove his dear wife into fits over potty training, or the way one of his toddlers beamed with pride every single time they toddle-ran.

Jesus said that kids were tremendously, terribly important to Him, and I'm really grateful He's loaned me a couple of them!

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