Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easter treats

We had such a fun Easter. Micah went to his Nana's Sunday School class, and had fun crafting...

Granniemiss went to church with us... doesn't she look pretty in blue?

After church we took Grannie home, and then went to Gram & Grampy's for lunch (forgive the lack of photos! I was too busy trying to get my share of mac & cheese before it was all gone to get out my camera). The boys had fun visiting with them and our cousin Matt. Then we met my friend Becca, and her family, over at their grandparents for an egg hunt!

And of course we got some fun Easter photos. Don't they look sharp? (Micah was being anti-photo at first, but the sugary temptations on the table eventually lured him in)

And they finished off the day by going for a walk with their Grannie. They were so careful, and love going with her when she gets her exercise by strolling out to the gate. They are really enjoying getting to spend so much time with her!
It was a family-filled Easter!

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