Thursday, April 15, 2010

Farm Part 3

Okay, so this is the last of our farm pictures! The place was heaven for anyone who likes to take pictures... See? here's my lambs petting little lambs!

The chicks were 8 days old, so they put them all in a basket and came around, handing one to each family... Levi was thrilled (he hasn't held a chick since Nana's hatched last year).

Love this old John Deere!

This is Levi lecturing the rooster. Apparently it spends a lot of time in the goat pen...

The only problem with this trip is that it has re-inforced both my sons desires for a horse and several chickens (the kind that lay eggs)! I would get a couple of layers (oh, fresh eggs...), but you have to have so many feet between the coop and your neighbors' buildings! As for the horses, I told them that horses need lots and lots of grass to eat, and that if God ever gives us a really big yard, then maybe He'll give us some horses to go with it.

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