Friday, April 30, 2010


Okay. Confession. I am one of those crazy people who happen to think that math is fun. Teaching it to my sons is not the least bit intimidating (hey, after all, I already taught Algebra to a room full of kids because the teacher had decided she was only willing to instruct people who "cared," and that apparently she thought that was me, and that if anyone else wanted to pass her class, then they were going to have to get me to show them how to do it... ahem, but that's another story).

I'm not considered weird at all within the walls of our own home, as the boys and my hubby like it too. In fact, if Levi is feeling daunted by his handwriting practice (please, Mama, can't I write the alphabet in capitols, instead of lowercase??), all I have to do is get our math work out where he can see it, and tell him he's got to get through the other stuff with a good attitude if he wants to do math today. Presto, chang-o, good attitudes abound and work is finished well and quickly!

Isn't that a riot? And of course, the Puzzle King wanted to participate in the lesson today, which was right up his alley. After he finished finding all the hidden Bb's on his worksheet, which he thought was quite fun!

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