Monday, April 26, 2010


We've been enjoying the spring weather, and ambling at a local public garden. The place is beautiful, and it hasn't been very crowded, because we've been walking in the drizzle. We just put our hoods up, or pop up an umbrella, and keep going (though I will confess that we start circling towards the van if it's looking like it might really start raining).
Right after we got to the gardens today, a robin flew up and landed in her nest, where she stayed tucked in tight. The boys thought it was amazing!

(Ahem ~ you aren't allowed to pick flowers there, but you can collect the ones that fall on their own).

And here is what it looks like when your three year old is sitting on your lap, going bananas because he is "SO ES-CITED!" and wants you to flip the camera over and take your picture...

What was he excited about? You'll have to come back tomorrow to see!

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