Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Farm Part One

We went on the most awesome, educational, hands-on trip the other day! Green Meadows Farm is in Kissimee, FL, and when they say everyone gets to do everything, they mean everyone!
First stop, the ducks! And let me tell you, Nana & Mama can catch some animals (I didn't grow up out west of town for nothing)! Basically, anytime you could hold or pet something, the adults had to round up the animals for the kids. This is of course, made way easier by the fact that these animals are as used to it as can be, since they get picked up day, after day, after day.
Both boys were a bit tentative at first, (holding ducks is not a regular part of their life-style), but two or three animal pens into it, they were eager as could be. I had to share the next shot, to show Levi's face, as well as the lady next to us.

This was my proudest moment of the day - both my boys were nervous, but they conquered their nerves and let me and Nana put them up on their ponies, and went for their rides with massively huge smiles on their faces! I had a small horse growing up, and I really want them to enjoy these animals, so I was really, really thrilled.

See what I mean? By the time we got to the chickens, they were eager, eager, eager (some of the other parents were still a bit nervous, but all the kids had gotten past that!)

Back with more from the farm next time!

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