Wednesday, April 21, 2010

things to come

Okay. This post is totally self-indulgent. No bright ideas, no cute phrases, no crazy boys-with-chickens pics. Just a quick shot of how I spent my evening after the boys went to bed.

Yup. Girly things. Now, if you will kindly notice, both the pinafore and the bonnet are fully reversable, and they are blue. With puppies. I have had these patterns and this material stashed away, for heaven knows how long (probably a good 2 years), just waiting.

You know, people keep asking us: "What are you going to do with a little girl?" Which I find hysterical. Yes, boys and girls are different. I know that. I get that. I was surrounded with boys (and redneck, country boys to-boot) growing up, which accounts for much of my oddness (I don't know why my best-friend gave me such an odd look that time I remarked that a Mack truck was beautiful).

So, in case you too are wondering what I'm going to do with a little girl, I'll put it right here: I'm going to sew, sew, sew. And then I'm going to put her in all those fun, easy-going clothes I've made, and set her right down in the dirt/sand/grass that the rest of us are playing in. I'm going to make sure she knows how to ride 4-wheelers and shift gears, and start a good fire. I'm going to let her get good and dirty, climb the trees God made, examine the worms that till His earth, and teach her about nature.

And if you're thinking, "Good luck with that, just wait till she becomes a teenager," then I have an answer for that too. I refuse to worry about that. God isn't giving me a teenager. Today He's given me two awesome, fun little boys, and a tiny little girl. And I won't let the chubby fingers, the diaper changes, and the baby laughs slip through my fingers unnoticed because I'm worried about tomorrow.

He wouldn't want that.

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