Thursday, April 1, 2010

smooth & bumpy

Okay, so there's (gasp!) no picture for this, but I had to share it. At dinner tonight, Levi prayed, and asked Jesus to help his Grannie feel better. After the "Amen," he went on to explain to us who had "bumpy" skin in our family, and that "Me and Micah, and Daddy and you have smooth skin."

I smiled and told him that yes, my skin was still pretty smooth, but that some day I would start to collect little "bumpies" of my own (he means wrinkles).

"Oh, no, Mama," he said, with certainty, and he reached out a hand and traced my cheekbone to illustrate, "Your skin is going to stay smooth forever."

And you know, in some ways, he's right. When I get to step out of time, and into eternity, well, that's forever, isn't it? Not a bad thing to be reminded of when one is pregnant...

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