Monday, April 19, 2010


Micah turned three over the course of several days, since we were going to be traveling on his birthday. He was so very, very excited to help make his cake, and he informed me that "Me will be three when it's all gone!"

And then Uncle Kevin surprised him with a birthday campfire! We had dinner and cake around the fire. I'm pretty sure that Levi's cake & ice cream had kicked in by the time this shot was taken...

And this is where Micah enjoyed his party from! He ate his dinner, cake & ice cream in the tree fort. He opened his presents there, watching the fire crackle several feet away and below. He was very, very, very happy.

And here he is in the big kid booster. I figure that it's time to move up when you can explain exactly what discomfort a regular car seat causes you.

And here we are on our road trip. I hid a few little presents in the car, and gave them to the birthday boy as we were travelling. It's amazing how excited a kid can get over a matchbox car, a barrel of monkeys, bubbles, and a genuine slinky.

And as all these little moments were flashing past, I was watching my little guy get bigger and older and more well-spoken. He's loud, and happy, and so excited about the little things in life. He's excited about others - their birthdays, their little celebrations. He's excited about his little sister coming. About being a big brother.
He's my boy, my little comedian.
And he's three.

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