Thursday, May 6, 2010

backyard fun

We didn't have a chance to get too far from homebase for our picnic, but the boys didn't care! I offered to go out in "the grass" as Micah puts it, but both boys wanted to picnic on the porch for some reason. We had to have a "blanket," because that's what makes it a picnic (according to them). One of these days I am going to make SouleMama's Beach Blanket to Go, but the boys don't care, so for now, any 'ole sheet will do!

Oh, wait, wait! I have to explain this next shot! Once upon a time there was a massive tree in our yard. Then that tree died and began to rot, and got to the point where it became dangerous, and it was cut down, leaving a stump. At this point, Paul and I moved in, and we watched the stump rot for a few years, until he ripped the whole thing out. Now, since then the roots have turned to dust and left long, lovely holes for critters to move into. Levi thinks there are snakes living in those holes.

So he and his brother built this bridge...

Because this doesn't totally look like the perfect place for a snake to live now.

All though, I have to admit, any snakes stupid enough to move into our yard would have to be stone-deaf and blind, to put up with the foot & wheel traffic we have!

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