Tuesday, May 18, 2010

busy morning

Okay, first, I have to show you this practically-idiot-proof science project. If you've never tried this one, it's well worth the handful of minutes it takes! Take old sweet potato, stick 3 or 4 toothpicks in it. Place in water-filled jar. Leave in a fairly sunny place. It does this:
Word of warning though: it will vine like crazy!

Next from our busy morning, we went to a Habitat for Humanity store and picked up a kitchen table that was built a little more likely to stand up to the wear/tear/love that our table receives. I mean, tables are important, aren't they? In our family we eat at ours, craft at ours, Mama does her cutting (for sewing) on it, we have school there most days, and the baby's little chair clips on to it. Sturdiness counts!

So there's my ham of of a hubby, showing off our stuff. We had to take the chairs, but we'll be able to pass those on to people who need them! And right now, the table is purple. Plum, even! But look at that lovely, light wood on the underside! Hopefully we'll be able to strip it right down to that! And don't you love the bench?

The bench is a big hit, as you can see! When I was a baby sitter, the family I babysat for had a picnic table inside, with real benches. I always thought that was the coolest thing, so I thought this "new" bench would be a perfect fit for our growing family and our table.

And then during rest-time, I snuck out and enjoyed a few stolen moments alone in my hammock.

It was a good thing too, because we had a very busy afternoon!

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