Friday, May 21, 2010

farm museum

We slipped back in time at Carrol County Farm Museum. The kids had fun seeing farm animals again (all though these were the kind you do not touch), but the real highlight of the museum is all their exhibits. We learned about broom-making (for this region anyway), quilting, weaving cloth, spinning, tin smithing, and old-fashioned animal veterinarians (Levi's favorite, as it was just like our studies of life science at home). And we saw tons of old farm equipment and wagons.

They have done a great job with the grounds as well. I loved the irises! I mean, isn't it gorgeous?

And this was my favorite part of the exhibits. This woman has her distaff loaded with wool, and she's spinning away on that tiny wheel. But the crazy, wonderful thing that drew me to the image was the fact that there's also a book on her lap. Her fingers are flying along, but she's reading! Love it!

The tin smithery was cool, cause there was actually a couple of smithies at work! They were really nice, and showed the boys a couple of their cool machines.

The boys loved the corn cobb checker board (wouldn't that be a neat history project when we "officially" get to that era?)!
We were all worn out, slap-silly! Especially me and Micah!
It was a good day.

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